Growing up in Ohio, I would sit with my Grandpa in the freshly mowed grass of his backyard. The sun would set, and fireflies would begin to flicker all around us. We would go back-and-forth telling stories, each of us adding a new spin or twist. Hours would go by, and eventually, we would hear my Grandma's call from the back porch to come inside or else, "the mosquitos will getcha."

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The stories we told in the 90's weren't award-winning. Far from it, actually. But, it was in that cow pasture in a little town in Ohio that captivated my passion for storytelling and helped turn me into the filmmaker I am today.


My name is Colin Becker. I am a Los Angeles filmmaker and video editor. My experience ranges from independent films, fashion, press, and editorial. If you wanna see my resume, click here. Regardless of the format or avenue of this industry, story is the most crucial part. It is my mission to combine my knowledge of video production with my passion for storytelling to help create the best product that I possibly can for you. Let's create something cool. Thank you for your time. Let's talk.
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