Colin Becker Films

My name is Colin Becker and I am filmmaker currently living in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I like bow ties, laughing until I cry, and making good memories with great people. I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since I discovered the family camcorder back in junior high. I’ve been making films every since. I really enjoy being with a film from the inception of the script all the way to distribution. I enjoy writing and thinking too much. I was taught at an early age that your imagination is incredibly important so I exercise mine daily.


Formally called "My Grandpa's Time Machine," Tock follows a high school aged boy who discovers
a time machine in his Grandfather's attic and uses it to cheat life through short cuts.

A Few Production Stills From "Tock":

The budget campaign for "Tock" is over. Very pleased with how much money was raised. So thankful for all of the fantastic people in my life! Keep an eye out on this page for new updates on the film!

Special Thanks:

Brent & Becci Becker

Zack Yearwood

Bob & Kay Becker

Ray Offenberger

Bobby & Meredith Becker

Gary & Tracy Gaughan

Amy Long

Angela Melick

Laura Malloy

Shane Rowe

Keith Voigt

Michelle Dean

Janey Cink

Adam Amspacher

and last but certainly not least,

Brandie Rogers


Much love.