Colin Becker Films

I’m a 22 year old filmmaker currently living in the Pittsburgh area. I like bow ties, laughing until I cry, and making good memories with great people. I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since I discovered the family camcorder back in junior high. I’ve been making films every since. I really enjoy being with a film from the inception of the script all the way to distribution. I enjoy writing and thinking too much. I was taught at an early age that your imagination is incredibly important so I exercise mine daily. 

You are a human being.
You have strengths and flaws.
You cannot deny that.
So any time you catch yourself feeling low,
remember that.
We've all been in that place...
When every single mistake you've made or inadequacy runs through your brain.
STOP right there.
Don't forget your strengths.
Refusing to understand that you are a human with both pros and cons
is incredibly counter-productive.

All I'm trying to say is that you are beautiful the way you are.
Take some to understand that and the flaws won't seem to be so bad.
Afterall, we all have them.

P.S. Please take a second to write one (or more) traits you like about yourself in the comment box below. Be vague, be anonymous.

I really look forward to reading them and perhaps sharing them. Self love leads to love.