Colin Becker Films

I’m a 22 year old filmmaker currently living in the Pittsburgh area. I like bow ties, laughing until I cry, and making good memories with great people. I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since I discovered the family camcorder back in junior high. I’ve been making films every since. I really enjoy being with a film from the inception of the script all the way to distribution. I enjoy writing and thinking too much. I was taught at an early age that your imagination is incredibly important so I exercise mine daily. 

Very rarely do I have a room that is completely open and password free, but whatever.

So, Hi.
As weird as this sounds, I want you to send me something. All of which will be anonymous. Perhaps it's something nice, perhaps it's something mean, all I ask is honesty. I just want you to be able to say something completely honest without having to worry about me knowing who said it. The form is below.