Colin Becker Films

My name is Colin Becker and I am filmmaker currently living in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I like bow ties, laughing until I cry, and making good memories with great people. I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since I discovered the family camcorder back in junior high. I’ve been making films every since. I really enjoy being with a film from the inception of the script all the way to distribution. I enjoy writing and thinking too much. I was taught at an early age that your imagination is incredibly important so I exercise mine daily.

Because We're Numb is a coming of age story that follows the lives of 6 friends: Noelle, Macie, Joey, Rae, Gus, and Cale. This edgy drama focuses on the party scene, broken hearts, sexual orientation, moving forward, and struggles that ultimately come in the process of finding oneself. Unless you walk in the shoes of another, you will never be able to truly understand. Check out the trailer below!

*May Not Be Suitable For Young Children

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